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Que Sera, Sera

So, On the day that 130mph gusts and category red storms are lashing across Scotland, I've booked a train ticket to Glasgow for NYE. No accommodation as yet, no idea who's joining me.

All that is definite, is that I will be there. Most likely having an amazing time and meeting new people.
What could possibly go wrong?...

Wisdom/Sarcasm etc.

(Borrowed from the SpiceWorks Community)

"There's an exception to every rule"

That is not even a statement, it is a paradox, and if you utter it you are incompetent. If there IS an exception to every rule, then that must, itself, be a rule. Meaning there would have to be an exception to it. And an exception to the RULE of there being an exception to every rule would be a rule without an exception. Of course, that exceptionless rule would then disprove our 'exception to every rule' rule.

Well said.

And a little extra... http://www.wordworx.co.nz/seriously.html

Birthday Weekend

Climb Lincoln, Pizza, Films, Massage, Breakfast, Nap, Drive, Party, Vodka, Disaronno, Grazes, Human Pyramid, T-Shirt Swop, Crushed Ibuprofen, Sleep, Breakfast, Climb Notts, Drive, Relax.

Danger by association.

Warning! Risk of permanent mental and/or physical damage when in proximity of this person for any length of time.

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Nov. 20th, 2011

Just recently, i'm having the time of my life, with the best people I have ever known from the past and present. Good times.

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11/11/11 - what did you do?

Well, dates like 11/11/11 don't come around very often. Neither do my friends travel 1850 miles to come see me. Something fun had to be planned.

After around 10 seconds of debate with Sarah at the options available (climb/skate/camp/kayak etc.), we decided kayaking & camping in the middle of November sounded like the most sensible option.
As luck would have it, when we arrived in Gainsborough, the tide happened to be running out, towards West Stockwith. This was a good option, as nearby was a pub, and easy access (Read: massive iron ladder) from the river.
We finally set sail from the Gainsborough pontoon at around 11.30am, and headed down the river. The clever thing about tidal rivers is this: Time it right, and most of the energy can be spent chatting and drinking beer, rather than paddling!
Anyway, travelling at around 5mph (GPS speed), it wasn't long before we arrived at the lock gates. (Want to see the 4 mile route? - look HERE)
Soon we were in the pub, amusing the landlord with our seafaring tales (and drinking more beer of course).
Eventually we motivated ourselves to unpack the kayak, pitch the tent, and crash out for a while. We relaxed & drank some Smirnoff Black Label vodka we had brought along (at the expense of camping mats).

After an interesting night of (slightly onesided) chat, and quality time, with the lovely Sarah Brooke, the hours had flown by. It was starting to get very light.

We peered into the overcast reality outside the tent, the tide was running back in. It was 7.30am. We got all the kit back together, and slightly less energetically paddled home.
Somehow we lost no kit, and made it back in one piece with a story to tell - Arr! (which is always nice).

The world we live in.

Today I learned that it is harder to change your name on Facebook (by a magnitude of ten), Than to actually legally change it by deed poll. Go figure.


Like it, or not.

My concern is with the people who go on about these 'politically correct' or 'race' issues, who are the cause of the problems and divisions.
A classic example: Baa baa black sheep. Having bred sheep (and even if you haven't), anyone with a little sense knows, that occasionally in a herd of white sheep, one is born black. It is a rarety, and unusual, hence 'black sheep of the family' meaning someone who isn't like everyone else (good or bad).
Some deeply seated racist moron (who possibly hasn't acknowledged their racism problem to themselves, or more likely doesn't want to) comes along, thinking that anything related to blackness is racist (where non racist people wouldn't even have that thought cross their minds), and then makes everyone conform to their way of thinking. Its like racism by proxy.
This is why I will do my utmost to be politically incorrect. If people didn't take offence to these stupid things, that were either not directed at them, or were not meant in a malicious way, everyone could have a laugh and joke about how tall/small/clever/white/disabled they were, and just accept people are different and its no big deal.
Being anything is only a big deal if you make a big deal about it.

I'm short, and have 2 fingers missing. Does it matter at all? No.

Thought for the day

"I love sarcasm"

Sadly, and ironically, that statement contained none.


Legendary trip to Tenerife

I hardly know where to start. This trip was nothing less than epic! The sights, activities and especially the people, made this trip something else all together. The main focus, and the reason I planned to visit Tenerife again was Mount Teide. It initially was looking like I was going to climb Teide solo from the TF21 start point, but as the random sequence of events of the week unfolded, this was not the case.

Andy joined me for the trip and we met a fair few people along the way. We arrived late the first night, after having a fun time re-learning driving on the wrong side of the car on the right hand side of the road, so pretty much chilled out. This was after spending an hour looking for the entrance to the resort. To say it is hidden would be a complete understatement!

All was going really well (read:subdued) until the first evening. We had a few vodkas in the apartment, and then headed downstairs to the resort bar. Despite getting slightly carried away and accidetally shouting out the answers to some of the questions (and being told off for it), we managed to win the pub quiz, and more cocktails, yay! We decided to leave before we caused any more chaos. Little did we know that this was going to turn out to be the quieter part of the night. Once we left the resort, we walked up the main street of Costa Adeje and for some reason that still escapes me, crossed on to seperate sides of the road. It took all of 5 minutes before me and Andy lost each other. We actually both decided to head to an Irish bar for a drink meanwhile, after hitting another bar each, Andy managed to get lost further. He has some tales of what happened, but the short story is he lost his flip-flops, along with his wallet/credit cards and walked miles home barefoot early in the morning.
My story is somewhat similar, only I ended up walking into a club (which I quickly worked out was a strip club or similar, by the girl jumping all over me before i'd even been served a beer) This was followed by very expensive champagne, but an interesting chat with a girl who's name still escapes me. She was Romanian though, as asked her that later in the week. Somehow during this whole episode I think I must have challenged the girls to show me tricks on the pole. Shockingly they were rubbish, and I ended up teaching (I say teaching, but they daren't try it) them the shoulder mount trick. There has to be some irony in that somewhere. Anyway, around 4.30am I got home safe and sound. Day one over.

Me and Andy next decided to take a drive up to the mountain. The views are amazing as you can see from these few photos. We drove past the bottom of the Teleferico and past the start point for my mountain ascent on Wednesday.

Monday, we went diving. Here are just a few photos from the dives, which were fun. Plenty of wildlife for the location, and a few animals like arrow crabs which I hadn't seen before. There was an octopus too, which grabbed me and tried to pull me into his hole. Those things are so strong, but their sucker legs feel so cool!

Monday evening, we went out to the sea front for a few cocktails. We helped another pair of girls with the pub quiz and they won, so they shared their prize (more cocktails) with us. This wasnt really required though, as a few choice words with the barmaid at that particular bar, saw her trying to poison us with every drink anyway. Later, we agreed to walk the girls home, and this was the turning point of the whole trip (for me at least). And it's not at all what you may think!
We walked past the Harbour Lounge bar and were greeted by the cutest pirate I have ever seen. It took a little convincing the girls, but went went in for "just one drink". The cocktails were pretty nasty, but I was more interested in getting to know the pirate barmaid. She is without a doubt the smiliest person I have ever met. At some point I lost Andy again, so me and the pirate left and spent the whole night chatting, and drinking Bacardi. All pirates love rum! It soon got light and me and the pirate (who shall be further known as Sarah) headed back to my apartment. Just in time to get Andy up for the next days fun.

Tuesday was water park day. Siam Park is an awesome park and a great day out. Thanks to Sarah being a total legend, we managed to get in really cheaply and get fast track on the rides. Awesome! This was an accomplishment as me and Sarah literaly didn't sleep the night before.

It's a bit of a blur what happened that night, but me and Andy seemed to go our seperate ways at some point again. I asked Sarah to join me on the Teide climb mission and she was well up for it. We picked up the gear we needed and got at least 6 hours sleep before getting up early and driving to the TF21 start point.

The climb was very sustained for thousands of feet. The lack of oxygen after about 9-10000 feet made the walk exhausing. Our average for the ascent was little over 1mph. I have to mention again here, Sarah. Credit to her, with one days notice, she was willing to climb a mountain with a guy she had only just met. She didnt have mountain shoes but still came. After 500 feet she was getting really bad blisters but still wanted to carry on. No moaning whatsoever, despite thousands more feet of harder terrain to go. I could tell it was really hurting but she struggled on without complaint. Total legend. That girl is something else. And she has a fear of heights (which I hope I have helped with a little) Luckily we got some plasters from a fellow climber to help a little after another 1000 feet or so.

The last few hundred feet (from the top of where the Teleferico reaches) required a permit, which only I had (they need to be booked in advance online). The final push to the summit was hard, due to the lack of oxygen, but finally I made it. Totally awesome! I really felt like I had accomplished something. Having Sarah share the experience really did make it something else too, (so if you ever read this Sarah, thanks babe! - I may however invite you on the next climb though!)

We took the Teleferico back down to the TF21 and after a walk "just around the corner" which turned out to be around 2km, we arrived back at the car.

Thursday was pirate ship day. The Flipper Uno is a great whale watching day out, food and drink included. The best part is that they have a trapeze, where you can back flip into the sea. Great fun. Of course Sarah the pirate had to come with us on this trip too!
Thursday evening, Sarah took us for a night out in Playa De Las Americas. She again was awesome and got us cheap drinks as workers at all the clubs. Much later, she took us back to hers for another all night party. Here below is a photo of me attempting a shoulder mount for comedy value, and a photo of the lovely Sarah.

We left only to catch the plane. What an amazing time!

It is rare that I miss people I meet randomly overseas, but that's definitely not the case this time!

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