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Long long time....

Well, it has been a while. I'd better upload some photo's and adventure soon!


Having never visited Wales before, it was about time that changed. I bring back two main realisations from the trip.

1. Wales (near Snowdonia National Park anyway) doesn't have flat space, everywhere is mountains and hills.
2. Every field (and some roads and paths) have sheep in/on them.

The weather was indecisive, but that didn't matter much. We stayed in an awesome country club called Plas Talgarth. The food/facilities/apartment were all awesome, although a lot of the time was spent off the resort anyway. When we were on the resort, there was an abundant collections of birds and squirrels paying frequent visits to play and eat the scraps we put out for them.

We visited quite a few cool places, such as the Blue Lake for a hill walk (yes, we took the long way by accident) and a couple of climbing routes. Laura got the "Abseil 101" training too, so all fun really. This is definitely a great place for swimming/diving/cliff jumping (next time).
We dropped in at the Halo Factory Shop a couple of times for honey ice cream, and super cheap chocolate/yoghurt bars direct from the factory.
Other places included Cadair Idris and The Mach Loop and also Aberystwyth.

Enough of hyperlinks, here are a few photos of some of the places. Click to enlarge. (Coming Soon)
For a while now, I have been a fan of David Thorne and his website http://www.27bslash6.com/
It is really hilarious and if you appreciate sarcasm, then you will definitely love it!

Today, while purchasing David's new book (I'll Go Home Then, It's Warm and Has Chairs. The Unpublished Emails), I stumbled across a site which also is of a similar dark humour.

The last article I read is here:

The whole list of articles are here --> http://dontevenreply.com/all.php

WARNING: Clicking on any of the links above, may result in the loss of many hours of 'productive' working time.


Good Times Ahead

Well, the holiday is booked, and the summer is coming (hopefully). This year is set to be an awesome adventure, better than all the awesome adventure years before.
Well, Team:CHAOS is born, and Miss Chaos (AKA Laura) is here to join the fun!

We may have some work to do, to live up to the implied Team:CHAOS name, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem!

Just recently there haven't been many updates (or photo's). A lot of progressive things have been going on, but not so much super random/fun things.

That will change...

In other news, I now have the username Darryl (darryl.livejournal.com), so update those bookmarks. I have only been waiting since 2000 for it!

Thought for the day.


The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.”

Happy, happy, happy!

I'm thinking I should write something around now. My life has certainly changed a lot just recently, and definitely for the better.

I have said/thought for a long time, that I really need to meet the female version of me. I did however think that I was being totally unrealistic really, and simply hoping for too much.

Maybe, just maybe, I was wrong. I now believe that 'that' person really does exist.
The last few weeks have been more than amazing, and i'm very much looking forward to what the future may bring.
I'm normally cautious and a little bit guarded when things seem too good to be true, BUT sometimes you have to accept risk to truly get the most out of life. I'm thinking that this is one of those occasions.

Now (read as: Truly awesome) times really begin...

Let this be a lesson to all, sometimes it is worth hoping for the unimaginably amazing things to happen, no matter how statistically unlikely they may be.

Thought for the day

Sometimes, not 'having it all', results in more than you could ever have dreamed.


I always have thought that when things seem to be going amazingly well, then it is perfectly logical to expect some kind of disappointment or upset in the near future. Knowing this, I occasionally allow myself to go to this place. I think the less than ideal outcomes bring balance in to my life, make me learn, and see things for what they really are. It's easy to see life always as positive, and it is a great way to live. You can't really get a feel for the good though, if you never tumble sometimes, and have a reality check. I think the key to this being OK, is to always be prepared and allow for it.

A stupid man doesn't learn from the past, but a smart man doesn't dwell on the past either.

Today (and I have no idea why not before) I realised that I counter situations of vulnerability or stress in work or life, with the exact opposite. By opposite I refer to fun & adrenalin etc.
In order to do this, I take up another extreme sport/activity. I'm surprised I hadn't put this together before now, shame on me! (but credit to me for realising it now) :)
It's great (and fun) to work out other people. I spend a lot of time doing that, but I always appreciate the things and especially the people that help me work out myself so much more.
SCUBA, Skydiving, Flying & Climbing have all been triggered from events just before I took up those activities. This isn't to say that I wouldn't have done them anyway at all. The fact that I went from considering and not doing, to impulsive & immediate take-up, is what i've noticed specifically.
Really this isn't just a Darryl thing on every level. People need things to happen to them, to make them reassess and value what life is about, and more to the point, make them want to live, not just be alive. More some people than others though, that's for sure.

Personally I try to appreciate all the great things as they are, for what they are, & for as long as they last (however long or short a time that may be).

I see myself as the most active, high energy/intensity, but lazy person I know. I do need a motivational shock now and then.

This week, having had such, i'm super excited about taking up a new sport VERY soon! :D

Inevitably, more awesome memories, adventures (and of course photo's and stories) to follow...

One day I might even identify the reasons behind each activity I mentioned above (and how wrong I can be about things sometimes) ;)


Extreme Sports Community

How about checking out/liking a great Facebook page for extreme sports I have created. The aim is to get a large group of people who like all sorts of extreme sports &/or adventures together, so that random quick trips and meet ups can be arranged. Most people like me are impulsive, and have so many things they want to do, that it's hard to:
1. have enough time, and
2.(especially) get people who are like minded to join them on random trips at short notice (normally because they are the same, and already doing some awesome things).

So I have created Sports Extreme --> http://www.facebook.com/AllExtremeSports A place to post awesome video's and photo's just to show off, or arrange team/group adventures. Check it out!

Glasgow & NYE 2011/12 - Team:CHAOS

The NYE plan(as always) started with uncertainty. The only certain thing initially, was that I had tickets to Glasgow. This was OK, and nothing new with the type of adventure trips I plan normally. Somehow, booking the Hilton Glasgow worked out cheaper than the Holiday Inn!
Rob couldn't make it as was planned, so I headed to Scotland alone. I made the most of the first couple of days, outdoor ice skating, and visiting the Glasgow Science Centre, which incidentally (and unsurprisingly), seems actually really intended for kids!
Luckily, my awesome adventure friend Laura joined me before too long. We had a fun trip to the Glasgow Climbing Centre, which I can highly recommend.
Soon it was the evening of NYE, and after some quality relax time, and running a little late, we headed to King Tuts. The Dead Sea Souls were playing the evening set, and they were really good. Me and Laura met a couple of cool people, but basically just hung out and made the most of NYE, exactly as it should be, focused on quality friends.
We had a wander about on new years day, but the city was expectedly dead. What better place to visit then, than the Glasgow Necropolis? We had a great time here, and took loads of awesome photos.
Hmm, going home. Well we had a wander around the city, and probably decided to watch a film a little late. This led to us having to run back to the hotel from the city centre, then speed march back to the station carrying all our gear. That was an event to remember. In fact the whole trip was another to remember, great times with great people. It is what I live for.

These are just a few of the photo's we took (below). They really can't sum up the experience though.

On this trip, Team:CHAOS was born.
Watch out for more random adrenalin adventures from this crazy duo...

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