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Glasgow & NYE 2011/12 - Team:CHAOS

The NYE plan(as always) started with uncertainty. The only certain thing initially, was that I had tickets to Glasgow. This was OK, and nothing new with the type of adventure trips I plan normally. Somehow, booking the Hilton Glasgow worked out cheaper than the Holiday Inn!
Rob couldn't make it as was planned, so I headed to Scotland alone. I made the most of the first couple of days, outdoor ice skating, and visiting the Glasgow Science Centre, which incidentally (and unsurprisingly), seems actually really intended for kids!
Luckily, my awesome adventure friend Laura joined me before too long. We had a fun trip to the Glasgow Climbing Centre, which I can highly recommend.
Soon it was the evening of NYE, and after some quality relax time, and running a little late, we headed to King Tuts. The Dead Sea Souls were playing the evening set, and they were really good. Me and Laura met a couple of cool people, but basically just hung out and made the most of NYE, exactly as it should be, focused on quality friends.
We had a wander about on new years day, but the city was expectedly dead. What better place to visit then, than the Glasgow Necropolis? We had a great time here, and took loads of awesome photos.
Hmm, going home. Well we had a wander around the city, and probably decided to watch a film a little late. This led to us having to run back to the hotel from the city centre, then speed march back to the station carrying all our gear. That was an event to remember. In fact the whole trip was another to remember, great times with great people. It is what I live for.

These are just a few of the photo's we took (below). They really can't sum up the experience though.

On this trip, Team:CHAOS was born.
Watch out for more random adrenalin adventures from this crazy duo...

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